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The United Business Fair (UBF) has distinguished itself as THE place where the best quality and the latest trends are being exhibited regarding the building and construction sector, interior decoration and landscaping.

Therefore the organization has decided to expose these sectors more during the United Caribbean Business Fair (UCBF). They will have their own identity in the specially designed United Building & Construction Hall.

The purpose is to assure every fair participant that he will meet his relevant target group in Suriname as well as in the region and that there will be interaction. To achieve this goal the organization of UCBF will again send out 7.000 exclusive invitations to stakeholders and set up a content management strategy.

With This specific Building & Construction Fair within the UCBF there is a platform for the most focused and most modern trade fair for the executing building and interior purchase.

Manufacturers and suppliers will get the opportunity to come up with concrete solutions for the building projects that are currently common. They will also present the whereabouts of the future innovations keeping in mind the markets of the Guianas and the Caribbean as well.

The organization of UCBF has an open indoor cooled space available for 24 exhibition booths. 15 with a circumference of 5m/10m and 8 booths that are 3m/2m.

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