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Paramaribo's downtown area is a prime place where Surinamers and tourists enjoy shopping and hiking. However, almost nothing has been done about maintenance over the years. In this context, Minister Riad Nurmohamed of Public Works (OW) took a walk in the inner city on Friday 15 October 2021 for orientation. The OW chief executive was joined by his 4 downtown directorates and entrepreneurs led by Conrad Issa.

During the walk, the OW Ministry looked at the issues that are happening in the downtown area and can be worked on immediately. However, the business community has made proposals before, this initiative hit. Downtown businesses need a big upgrade. In this context, the OW Ministry wants to set up a multi-annual plan so that a part of the city can be modernized every year and everyone can shop and walk again with a happy feeling.

Safety and hygiene include some of the issues that the Ministry considers to be of great importance, which is why the option is currently the most obvious will be examined with the business community.

Shop owners come in with material and OW with men is also seen as one of the best alternatives. The main goal is to make the city centre attractive and as safe as possible for visitors.

It is then found that the inner city is being marred by illegal peddlers, so the district commissioner will look at options for choice. The street vendors should be provided with safe, but also fixed places where they can efficiently produce their products. Some of the common inner city issues include the bum problem, malfunctioning dewatering systems and the well-known parking problem that has been occurring for decades. Conrad Issa, director of Lucky Store N.V., indicated that a number of streets in the centre of Paramaribo are in need of rehabilitation and, above all, better facilities, especially for people with disabilities. The lighting in the city doesn't fully meet today's requirements either. The workgroup with many stakeholders is thus working together on urban embellishment.