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The presence of Airport Management Ltd Suriname (operator of the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport) at the 2017 United Business Fair, started initially to support Stichting Toerisme Suriname and their Tourism Seminar. A cautious introduction which led to great learnings and experiences.

When indicated by Mr. Edward Lee that the 2018 fair had an even wider scope and audience we did not hesitate. The offer to participate in an event with a platform for more international exposure, especially the Caribbean, came at the perfect moment for Airport Management Ltd.  Our passionate and young management team has been at a strategic crossroad where routes development, upgrading of airport facilities, corporate rebranding and creating sustainable added value for all stakeholders is a necessity. The United Caribbean Business Fair is considered to be one of the distribution channels to communicate our future plans and act interactively with our present and future customers.

Besides our active presence during UCBF 2018, we will take responsibility in defining and increasing passenger numbers by hosting a seminar with different stakeholders.

The objective is to have all parties involved ready and aligned with Suriname’s tourism vision for 2030. Statistics show that more than 80% of foreign visitors have their entry via the J.A.P. International Airport. The main gateway to all beautiful things Suriname has to offer.

Our airport is currently in a major process of rapid development and innovations and looks forward to using this platform and making the broader spectrum part of this process. How can we fulfill your travelling needs? Airport Management Ltd. takes her responsibility as a leader in tourism development seriously and looks forward to meeting you @ UCBF 2018 in October.

SOURCE|Airport Management