The primary organizers of the Suriname Energy Forum are:

  • Suriname Energy Chamber (SEC)
  • Energie Autoritiet Suriname (EAS)
  • Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE)

In order to ensure the success of this event, it was decided to partner with the following organizations and institutions:

Strategic support from:

  • Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
  • Ministry of Natural Resources of Suriname

Technical support from:

  • Anton de Kom Universiteit of Suriname (AdeKUS)
  • Energie Bedrijven Suriname (EBS)
  • Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname
  • New Energy Events

Financial Support from:

  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Gold Sponsor
  • Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
  • StaatsolieStaatsolie ook sponsor.

4. Target audience

This event is targeted at the following audiences:

  • Government Ministers with sustainable energy or related portfolios
  • Senior Representatives and Officials from government ministries and public agencies, with sustainable energy or related mandates
  • Senior Representatives and Officials from regional institutions, with sustainable energy or related mandates
  • Senior Representatives and Officials from donor governments, international development agencies, international financial institutions, and multilateral development banks, interested in supporting sustainable energy development within the Caribbean
  • Executive Management and Senior Management for Electricity Regulatory Authorities and Electric Utilities
  • Leaders from private sector companies, commercial lenders, and investment firms, interested in sustainable energy projects and businesses
  • Sector experts and thought‑leaders
  • Faculty and researchers from Academic Institutions
  • Leaders from Civil Society, Non‑Governmental Organizations, and Advocacy Groups, interested in sustainable energy development within the Caribbean
  • Media

5. Format

The event will be over three-days and organized as follows:

  1. Day One: High‑Level Sessions
  2. Day Two: Technical  Sessions
  3. Day Three: Local Stakeholder Engagement & B2B Sessions

The programming of this event will be forged along the following formats:

  • The launch of Energy Sector Reform (ESR) in the region
  • Our Future is Electric scene setting
  • Showcasing of Renewable Energy (RE) projects and studies (floating solar, AdeK solar plant, wind measurements)
  • Development update regarding Electrical Vehicles in the region
  • Presentations on RE policy and developments (rooftop solar, reduction of import duties, ESP, RE policy etc),
  • (roundtable) Discussions regarding the future of Renewable Energy
  • Technical aspects of netting and self-generation,
  • Financing options by banks and other institutions for RE initiatives,
  • Regional RE developments (IDB and CCREEE),
  • Inventory of the need for support of companies, professional’s installers regarding the deployment of Renewable Energy initiatives in Suriname

During the first and second day the focus will be on the following:

  • Electrification of the transportation sector
  • Energy Sector Reform
  • The importance of elelctrification in the region as part of future developments
  • Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) as part of the regional and Suriname electrification Planning Policy (presentation and panel discussion)
  • Status on the Consultancy for the Fostering of Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation in the region (presentation and Q&A),
  • Resilience planning regarding RE (presentation and panel discussion)
  • New RE technologies in the region (presentation and Q&A),
  • The future of RE and EE in Suriname: what do we need to kick start RE initiatives in Suriname (presentation and panel discussion)
  • Regional RE initiatives regarding policy and implementation businessmodels (presentation and Q&A),
  • AdeKuS PV-campus plant (presentation and Q&A),
  • Rooftop solar business model and related technical studies results (presentation and panel discussion),

The third day will be focused on the following:

  • Status Report on EE building codes in Suriname (presentation and Q&A),
  • SPCS floating solar feasibility study (presentation and Q&A),
  • EBS Renewable Energy projects (presentation and Q&A),
  • Staatsolie RE future (presentation and Q&A),
  • EBS-information regarding netting and self generation (practical guideline) (presentation and Q&A),
  • What do companies and professionals need support in regarding RE deployment (presentation and panel discussion)
  • RE possibilities in rural areas (presentation and Q&A),
  • Future of Wind energy in Suriname (presentation and Q&A).
  • Financing RE initiatives from the region and locally by banks and institutions (presentation and panel discussion)
  • RE initiatives in rural areas (presentation and Q&A),
  • Business opportunities in RE in the region and Suriname (presentation and panel discussion)

The proposed venue is Torarica Hotel & Resort Ballroom and Baquethall, as this provides enough room for hosting a large event as this one will be and also is able to facilitate additional sessions such as workshops.

The dates for this event are the following:

Tuesday 29th of November, Wednesday 30th of November and Thursday 1st of December 2022



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