We are off to a flying start again, after 5 months of operation and already over 100 registered companies: Suriname’s most renowned B2B fair is coming again! This unique business platform, being held for the 6th time, is an extension of UnitedNews.sr, a 24/7 business and economic news website.

Participation in this B2B fair assures you as a company of contact with your intended target group(s). The key to this success is that Business United invites 10,000 V.I.P. personalities through its exhibitors and existing network. Experience from previous trade shows shows that on average 84% of the invitees actually attend the trade show. In fact, each exhibitor receives 100 V.I.P. cards, which they provide mainly to their direct and indirect business relations. The business community is thus well represented, in part because our fairs are a modern, representative reflection of Corporate Suriname. Various sectors from the region will also be represented.
Video last fair held 2018

Indispensable knowledge updates
Indeed, the very latest developments of potential Suriname are displayed there on an international level.

Ten sectors present
The fair covers the following 10 sectors: Energy, Finance, Tourism, Real estate, Transport, Industrial, Ict, Fashion, Culinary and Education. We are building a total of 140 booths over 5000m2 in and around the prestigious Ballroom Prince and the idyllic Jacana Hotel Resort(See photo below).

What you get from us
The fair is all inclusive for our participants.
For 1500 USD you get:
1. Truss wall 2m by 3m
2. Banner printed 2m by 3m.
3. Two light spots plus 1 socket
4. 1 display(counter)
5. 1 separation palm
6. 2 bar stools
7. 100 V.I.P. plastic cards per exhibitor
8. Advertorial and Banner ad on UnitedNews and its associated social media channels.

This all-inclusive rate applies to all booths in Ballroom Prince and Jacana Hotel in the large air conditioned tent as well as all restaurant booths outside.

Impression all-inclusive stands

12 Seminars with different themes
During all three days of the fair there will also be 12 seminars with the following themes: Energy, Tourism, Environment education and Finance. The seminars will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the three days.
In the Seminars room (80 seats), a total of 12 seminars will be held over three days. Each of one and a half hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday, November 3: Education / Finance / Tourism / Environment | The business case of carbon credits

Saturday, November 4: Energy
Sunday, November 5: Local Content / Foreign direct investments (FDIs)
Opening hours
The B2B fair starts each day at 17:00 and ends at 23:00.
Business Drinks
Also come to our thematic Business Borrels! You are welcome until midnight.

Floor plan UBF 2023

Ballroom Prince number: This space is our most fancy given its marble floors, A1 lighting, bars and plumbing. On the first floor, we have space for 36 exhibitors. The first floor is reserved for all things energy. There is room for 19 exhibitors there.
Refrigerated exhibition tent number: In this large red carpet furnished exhibition tent we have room for 25 exhibitors.

Restaurant village

This is historically our most sociable spot where practically everyone is informally networking and having drinks. We have room for 6 renowned restaurants, and three Bars.
Commewijne street: The street closed for the fair is reserved for luxury cars (4 car dealers) / heavy equipment (1 dealer) / Garden and Sanitary (1 dealer) / Leisure (one dealer) / Agriculture (6 farmers).
Jacana Hotel Resort: The most idyllic spot of Paramaribo we have reserved for tourism resorts and hotels of Suriname, Guyana and Curacao (10 companies).

The fair days are on 3/4/5 November 2023
For registration and more information, please email Edward@unitedmagazine.sr or call 400336 / 8503221
Our loyal sponsors are: Hakrinbank as main sponsor, Forest 93 and SEC/EAS as Gold sponsors, CBVS as Silver sponsor, Brokonpondo/Lake wood/YetAir Airport Management/SLM and Surichange bank as Bronze sponsor.

UnitedBusinessFair2023 Teach-In
On September 14 at 7 p.m., all interested parties, exhibitors and media will be briefed on all information regarding upcoming United Business Fair 2023 B2B fair. Admission is completely free.


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