On March 27-29, 2020, the United Caribbean Business Fair will be organized for the sixth time, this prestigious business event has now become the largest networking event in the Guyana’s and the Antilles.

UBCF has since proven itself as an entity in Suriname and the region in the field of business 2 business. The business platform has now grown to 126 exhibitors and now makes room for 150 exhibitors. We are the most discussed event of the year due to our look & feel and current themes.

Because the Chamber of Commerce and Industries surprised us by not adhering to our three-year contract, we are forced to divide our business fair into 2 editions:

The first edition will be held on the 27, 28 & 29 of March, 2020.
The new location will be Utopia Heritage at the Anton Dragtenweg no.  164 along the Suriname river.
In this very atmospheric ambiance we will facilitate a total of 40 companies, including 18 seminars!

We guarantee our customers and partners that a significant part of Surinamese business will be present!
This will be achieve through our proven V.I.P. invitation, of which we will provide 3000 copies for the coming Fair!

The theme for the coming fair will be: Suriname as a regional Hub based on four pillars: Finance, ICT, Aviation and Harbor.

By giving substance to this theme, the fair will start with a Congress in which all relevant actors will give a presentation from their sector. There will be an international and regional view.

The second bigger part of the UnitedCaribbeanBusinessFair2020, will be held in Hotel Torarica or the Suriname Chamber of commerce.

Facts and Figures UCBF March 27 till 29, 2020, edition 1

  1. Rent Area: 800 M2
  2. Visitors: 3000
  3. Exihibitors: 40
  4. 3 Days
  5. 18 Seminars
  6. Invited countries:  Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and the Netherlands!
  7. Target Audience:   Entrepeneurs, Top & Middle management!
  8. 3000 VIP corporate invitations for Corporate & S.M.E. in Suriname

Location: Utopia Heritage at the Anton Dragtenweg no.  164 along the Suriname river.

E: | A: Winchesterstraat # 6 Zorg&Hoop Paramaribo / Suriname
T: 400336|M: 8503221
|M: 8821283


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