Advertorial | It is with great pleasure that Business Consultant Agilis Business Solutions & Corporate Event Planner Orga Nice present the 7th edition of the Human Resources event which will be held on Tuesday October 17 & Wednesday October 18, 2017 in the Royal Ballroom of Hotel Torarica.The focus for this year lies in all current aspects in the area of Human Resources faced internationally and locally: ‘What’s Trending?’

Over the past 6 years we have taken the lead in the organization of the Human Resources event in Paramaribo, Suriname on an annual bases. We can proudly say that in general over 200-300 local participants have attended this event each year and that we have succeeded in reaching the main goals set out for this event.

This year at the  2-day event, 8 local and international speakers will be focusing on a variety of interesting and trending HR topics related to the current trends.

Several companies and organizations will also be presenting their products and services to the participants.


Master of Ceremony: Ferranto Dongor

Day 1

08.00-09.00 hrs.       Welcome & Registration

09.00-10.00 hrs.       ‘Plumbing & Poetry’ – Leading People in meaningful environments                                                                  by Hans Rudolf Lim A Po | Sponsor FHR Institute

10.00-11.00 hrs.       Why HR is key in Information Security by Jean-Paul van Ewijk |                                                                        Sponsor i-Frontier

11.00-12.00 hrs.       The Recruitment and Selection of Directors and Senior Executives                                                                   by Dr. Axel Kravatzky (Syntegra & Eve Anderson Recruitment Ltd-TT) |                                                           Sponsor Assuria

12.00-12.30 hrs.       Best Practices in Executive Recruitment & Performance Management by                                                       Anjani Ramdeo-Manwah | Sponsor Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited

12.30-15.00 hrs.       Exhibition & Networking

Day 2

08.00-09.00 hrs.       Welcome & Registration

09.00-10.00 hrs.       Create a Great Employee Experience by Gea Peper |                                                                                           Sponsor Surinam Airways & Houttuyn Wellness River Resort

10.00-11.00 hrs.       Alembo: Operational Excellence by Reina Kolf |                                                                                                   Sponsor The Slight Edge Consultancy (TSE)

11.00-12.00 hrs.       ‘The Open Organization’ by Rose Willemsberg|                                                                                                   Sponsor Action Coach

12.00-13.00 hrs.       The future of work: Artificial Intelligence and HR by

Anuskha Sonai | Sponsor Spang Makandra

13.00-15.00 hrs.       Exhibition & Networking

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

09.00 – 10.00 AM

Plumbing and Poetry

Leading people in meaningful environments

The presentation will address the different characteristics of organizations and institutions and the coinciding distinction between management and leadership. These distinctions can be related to differences in mechanistic and organismic worldviews and to ‘having and being’ as modes of existence. Within organizations they also drive the difference between a  technical system in which efficiency reigns supreme (the realm of ‘matter’) and a social structure in which integrity is paramount (the realm of ‘meaning’).

Managing people to meet both imperatives implies cultivating both, concern for the conditions of continued organizational existence (‘plumbing’) and support for a long term perspective embedded in symbolic actions (‘poetry’).

Hans Rudolf Lim A Po – Suriname

Lim A Po, Hans Rudolf (Paramaribo, 05-01-40) is a lawyer by training. He has been in private law practice from 1963 to1981. Thereafter he joined Billiton International Metals – at that time the mining arm of Royal Dutch Shell – where he held various senior executive international positions. After his retirement in 2000 he established the FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies (FHR) of which he is the Director.


FHR Institute for Social Studies

FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies (FHR) is a private not-for-profit institute for higher education established in 2000 as a living memory to Frederik Hendrik Lim A Po, a fierce advocate of lifelong learning. FHR’s mission is to enhance the capabilities of the institutions of the public sector, the private sector and civil society by educating of their (future) leaders.  FHR provides education at bachelor and the master level that meets international standards in governance, management and law, from various perspectives.

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10.00 – 11.00 AM

Why HR is Key in Information Security

Organizations in the Caribbean are on the verge of adopting information technology on a scale we have not witnessed before. At the same time, the very same technology is creating new threats in organizations, threats that cannot be ignored anymore. In this talk, Jean-Paul will explain the vital role that HR has to play in protecting the enterprise from hackers, mistakes made by employees, malicious employees and other criminals and threats, giving practical, actionable tips along the way.

Jean-Paul van Ewijk – Suriname

Jean-Paul van Ewijk is an ICT consultant with an extensive background in ICT as well as over 10 years of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business, as one of the founders of Alembo, the largest BPO company in Suriname. As a consultant, Jean-Paul helps his clients get the most out of ICT by demystifying technology, helping them focus on what’s relevant for their business as well as identify and manage ICT-related risk. Jean-Paul is a certified ISO 27001 (information security management) lead implementer, holds a master degree in Information Science and has over 25 years of experience in ICT, in Suriname and Europe.


We are a leading IT company in Suriname that is committed to bringing the smartest software solutions and consultancy services to organizations in Suriname and the Caribbean. We strive to be the best and most important ICT partner in Suriname and the Caribbean, improving our clients’ business through innovative software solutions and consultancy services, with the      support of our dedicated team. Together, we get IT done!

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

11.00 – 12.00 AM

The Recruitment and Selection of Directors and Senior Executives

How to compose high performance Boards of Directors and the role of HR professionals are the two central topics of the presentation. All governing bodies of organizations are composed of several persons that must make decisions together, and together they must set the direction, monitor those executing, and account to stakeholders. The challenge is that effective boards require collective capabilities but our experience to date is based on the assessment of individual capabilities. How do we identify the requirements that individual directors and the board of directors collectively must fulfill? What are the main approaches? When do they work, what are good practice tips, and how can HR practices and professionals be the key to success?

Axel Kravatzky, PhD – Trinidad & Tobago

Dr Axel Kravatzky is Principal Consultant of Syntegra Change Architects Limited (Syntegra) and the practice lead for Corporate Governance and Strategy. He has been working with Boards of Directors, Board Committees and Executives across various industries for over 18 years. Axel masters a wide range of experiential and systemic methods to support leaders to transform their organizations.

Axel was the Founding Chairman of the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute (CCGI), 2012 – 2016. Under his leadership the CCGI developed, in collaboration with the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC), and the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE), the first corporate governance code for Trinidad & Tobago in 2013 and then a world-class education program registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago in 2015 to form the basis of the Chartered Director qualification.

Axel is frequently invited by professional and regulatory bodies throughout the Caribbean to speak and conduct training on the full range of Corporate Governance topics. Axel also contributes to development of good corporate governance practices, laws, regulation, and guidance throughout the Caribbean and further afield.


Assuria is the leading financial institution in Suriname that offers security to the private and business markets. We serve our customers with a wide range of excellent insurance products and solid financial services, supported by individuals with superb expertise. We assure customer-friendly, effective and efficient services. We are a reliable and financially sound partner for our clients, shareholders and employees.

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

12.00 – 12.30 AM

Best Practices in Executive Recruitment & Performance Management

How to define the methodology for the process of executive recruitment and strategies for best practices in final selection towards longivity in leadership roles.

Mapping the process for utilising learning and development tools comprising of mentoring and coaching systems with progressive disciplinary practices for highly motivated, driven and engaged workforce.

Anjani Ramdeo-Manwah – Trinidad & Tobago

Ms. Anjani Ramdeo-Manwah is a Recruitment Specialist of Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited and is currently the lead in Executive Selection and Recruitment. She has over 25 years experience in Executive and Senior Management in diverse sectors such as Finance & Banking, multi-locations Retail Management and Hospitality. She has comprehensive experience in learning and development, mentoring and coaching with years of experience with managing staff at different levels.

Anjani has been a member of The Rotary Club of Trinidad for several years and been involved in many charitable and fundraising community activities and events.


Eve Anderson Recruitment Limited

Eve Anderson Recruitment is a leading employment agency offering recruitment and human resource solutions for executive, permanent, contract and temporary job positions across Trinidad and Tobago.

DAY 2: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

09.00 – 10.00 AM

Create a Great Employee Experience

Many companies focus strongly on creating a great customer experience. But very few have taken the next logical step and focused on consciously creating a great employee experience.

The employee experience is the sum of all the interactions between that employee and your company. It starts with the first social media post they see, the first job listing or the first headhunting email, and ends with keeping in touch even after they leave.

It’s about creating a place where people want to show up and are happy at work. Creating a positive employee experience is not about stock options or football in the break room. It’s about respecting the role your people play in representing your brand and building your business. When you give talented people the space to achieve and thrive, they’ll give your customers an experience your competitors can’t duplicate.

In this presentation you will get an insight in:

  • What is Employee Experience?
  • Why is it important?
  • How to create the best employee experience

Gea Peper – The Netherlands

Gea Peper has worked as an international change management consultant for Accenture and Deloitte. She also worked in HR for the Dutch Central Bank and the Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Maarten. In 2015, Gea founded her own company the HappinessBureau ( that supports                       organizations to become (more) successful by increasing their employees’ happiness. In February 2018 her book on How to Create the Best Employee Experience will come out.

Sponsor                                             Sponsor


DAY 2: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10.00 – 11.00 AM

Alembo: Operational Excellence

A visit to ALEMBO outsourcing company in Suriname. Even with over 150 employees, the management has been capable to create a relaxed and learning atmosphere where each person has found his or her individually fitting place in the team.

Some colleagues have tasks on 3 different departments or on different days and hours. They all have their own motivation and it is exactly that diversification within the organization that results in this captivating organizational culture.

Retaining positive and motivated staff is vital to an organization’s success. The low employee turnover is a positive effect of the company morale which is also visible in the way job performance and productivity is being maintained.

If an employee needs a new challenge they often don’t leave the organization, as there is always another option even only for a few hours a day.

How did ALEMBO find balance between different cultures and talents managing the   organization towards a responsible self-learning team?

The (TMA) Talent Motivation Analysis books are visible on the desk.

The way this system is applied?

The management works with the talent-performance concept that is methodically structured and simple to apply in practice.

Reina Kolf – Suriname

Reina Kolf is a senior HR advisor with over 30 years of Human Resources experience. She has studied Business Administration, specialised in HR and became a well known Human Resources Generalist with a strong knowledge in Talent/Competence management, People development and Change management.

Since 2003 founder of “The Slight Edge” Consultancy. An HR Advisory organization. TSE uses the “Talent Motivation Analysis”: as the Surinamese partner of the internationally used TMA Method which is an integrated system for assessing, developing and managing talent.

Reina is a Rotarian and also founder of  BeYOU! and WINC facilitator. As national ambassador for Womens Entrepreneurship Day Suriname she organizes events, presentations and offers support in Personal Development.


DAY 2: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

11.00 – 12.00 AM

The Open Organization

Today’s leaders know that speed and agility are the keys to any company’s success, and yet many are frustrated that their organizations can’t move fast enough to stay competitive. The typical chain of command is too slow; internal resources are too limited; people are already executing beyond normal expectations. As the pace accelerates, how do you inspire people’s energy and creativity? How do you collaborate with customers, vendors, and partners to keep your organization on the cutting edge? What kind of organization matches the speed and complexity that businesses must master—and how do you build that organization?

The Open Organization is an innovative model of open management based on transparency, participation and community. It reinvents the organization for the fast-paced connected era we live in today. This concept helps leaders struggling to adapt their management practices to the values of the digital and social age. Organizations build upon the foundations of this model respond quickly to opportunities, harness resources and talent both inside and outside the organization, and inspire, motivate, and empower people at all levels to act with accountability.

In this presentation, we will discuss the concept of Open Organizations and you will get the opportunity to assess how well your company reflects this new way of managing. Furthermore, we will introduce you to some tools to build a more open organization, resulting in better business results, higher team engagement and a better atmosphere at the workplace.

The Open Organization is based on the work of Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO and former Delta Airlines COO, and Patrick Lencioni, Specialist on Team Performance and writer of “The 5 dysfunctions of a Team”

Rose Willemsberg – Suriname

Rose Willemsberg, a business coach since 2011, combines her business experience and knowledge of the local business community with the knowledge, tools and training of frontline organizations in the international coaching industry, including Gazelles International, ActionCOACH and ICF. In doing so she brings an innovative and a new way of leadership and organizational development to the Caribbean Region. This provides a culture and framework for healthy and continuous growth for mid-size market firms.


DAY 2: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

12.00 – 13.00 AM

The future of work: Artificial Intelligence and HR

HR leaders will need to begin experimenting with all facets of AI to deliver value to their organizations. Believe it or not, you’re already interacting with this kind of AI – when you use your phone, access your Amazon account or browse your    Netflix recommendations. These are the programs that determine what you like based on what you’ve read or what you’ve watched. Artificial Intelligence is transforming our lives at home and at work. In the workplace, Artificial                     Intelligence is evolving into an intelligent assistant to help us work smarter. Anuskha will discuss with us about the why, how and when of Artificial Intelligence and HR.

Anuskha Sonai – Suriname

Anuskha Varsha Sonai is CEO of Spang Makandra N.V. that provides internet marketing services to entrepreneurs and corporations. She is a certified online marketeer and has been very active in the efforts of Spang Makandra to promote the ICT sector and regionalise the creative industry to improve the digital ecosystem. She is also a mentor and advisor in business development and has advised several entrepreneurs and startups in how to achieve growth and profitability.

Anuskha is a frequent speaker at events and conferences and has facilitated many training sessions on variating topics ranging from sales, marketing, digital media, customer intimacy, communication through internet, contemporary leadership, new ways of work, ways to perform in the evolving creative industry, digital ecosystem, online marketing strategy, mobile marketing and social technology in the enterprise.


Spang Makandra N.V.

Spang Makandra is a full service interactive media studio employing some of the brightest minds and biggest talents in the Caribbean region. Spang Makandra provides internet marketing services and helps companies to communicate through the internet and develop an online identity and campaigns. Services: Webmarketing, Webdevelopment,                       Webmanagement, Design, e-Media, e- Marketing Consulting, e-Strategy Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Training and Consultancy.


Goals of the HR event

To create a platform for the HR Industry & HR Professionals in Suriname to

network, and exchange knowledge and experience.

To trigger Human Resources and related organizations to collaborate more for the purpose of the development of theindustry.

To create a structural platform for the transition of knowledge amongst

HR experts across the region.

To learn from best practice situations of peerswithin the region and further abroad.

To share knowledge with our communities.

To ultimately connect more stakeholders in the sector

regionally and internationally.

Who should attend for sure?

Human Resources Managers; Coordinators and Officers;

General Management; Students in Human Resources Management

Get your participation 2-day package fee now for USD 100 or equivalent in SRD

Register NOW!

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